Crochet Designs by Kathleen

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wire Crochet Christmas Garland

You can make this pretty garland as long as you want.
You will need Pearl beads, and sparkle beads all the color you chose. 30 gauge wire. and a size 1/2.75 steel crochet hook.

Simply string the beads on the steel wire-- I use florest wire-- begin with 1 colored and 1 pearl bead. Continue to thread beads on wire, 2 colored and 1 pearl bead until you have strung as many beads as you wish. End with 1 colored bead.

Start your garland with 1 chain st. *Place 3 beads --1 red, 1 pearl, 1 red --make a ch st around all 3 beads. Ch 5.* repeat from * until your garland is as long as you want it.