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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Winter Mukuks

Supplies needed:

J crochet hook

Any WW yarn.. I prefer woolease: 1 skein

Any furry yarn to match: 1 skein

Large holed darning needle
Two ways for the sole:
You can use a pre-made leather sole, I get a moccasin kit and sew up the heel and use this. You can get leather soles for slippers on the internet

You can make one yourself by using leather or vinyl (pleather) Just trace an oval around your foot leaving 1-1/2 ” wider than your foot. Glue a shoe pad to the center, and evenly poke holes (using an awl, leather punch or a nail) around the vinyl at about ¼ inch apart around

Fake, or real fur cut to match the size of your sole.

Mukuk—Make 2

Foundation Row Sole—

Sewn . On sole - sew a blanket stitch with your darning needle and the WW yarn, using the punched holes as your guide for needle insertion.

Crocheted -- easier if you don’t want the furry lining AND if you have a really sharp crochet hook and a strong poking arm, you can sc in each hole around—you will need a steel hook, about size 5 for this so crochet LOOSLY if you choose this method.

I’ve done my beginning row both ways, and I find it easier to sew a blanket stitch around and crochet my sc row in the top of the blanket stitch.

Note—You will use the WW yarn unless otherwise indicated in the instructions below.

Row 1 and 2: Sc in each stitch around, ch 1. Do Not turn. Finish off at the end of row two.

Ch 9, turn

Row 2-13: In second ch from hook, sc in blo in next 8 sts. Ch 1 turn.
Row 14: on this row, you will evenly crochet 29 sc evenly around 3 sides of the instep.

Attach the instep to the top of the slipper’s sole with 29 sc evenly around. With Fuzzy yarn, crochet over the row you just crocheted. By crocheting around this row, your fuzzy yarn looks a lot furrier.

Around cuff edge, evenly crochet 26 to 28 sts of sc around opening.
Row 1: hdc in each stitch around. Chain 2, turn.
Row 2: back post, front post (bp/fp) hdc in each stitch around.
Row 3: with fuzzy yarn, hdc in each stitch around. Finish off.
Row 4: hdc in each stitch around, ch 2, turn.
Row 5 and 6: bp/fp hdc in each stitch around, ch 2 turn. Finish off at the end of row 6
Row 7: with fuzzy yarn, hdc in each st around. Finish off.


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